Thursday, January 17, 2013

Canada Post stamp commemorates lifesaving achievements of Raoul Wallenberg on the anniversary of his disappearance more than six decades ago

On the anniversary of his disappearance, Canada Post has released a new international stamp to commemorate the nation’s first honorary citizen, Raoul Wallenberg. 
Photo courtesy of Canada Post
Wallenberg was responsible for saving more than 100 thousand lives during the Second World War.  He crafted a protective document called the Shutz-Pass which he gave to the Jewish community throughout Budapest, often risking his own personal safety to save them from deportation by the Nazi’s. 

The International Wallenberg Stamp was designed by Glenda Rissman and features his original 1944 passport photo. It also features images of the Schutz-Pass which was designed using the symbols and colours of Sweden.

On October 15, 1984, The City of Calgary designated the corner of Macleod Trail and 7 Avenue S.E. (adjacent to Historic City Hall), Raoul Wallenberg Corner to increase public awareness of the substantial humanitarian contribution of Mr. Wallenberg and encourage further cooperation among various ethnic and religious groups.

Raoul Wallenberg was taken captive by the Soviet Army at the end of the Second World War and disappeared without further explanation.  Wallenberg became Canada’s first honorary citizen in 1985. 

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