Thursday, June 27, 2013

Calgary and Edmonton firefighters help elderly flood victim

Calgary and Edmonton firefighters are receiving kudos for helping an elderly flood victim reclaim his house.

The unidentified resident had been struggling for days to empty and clean his severely flooded home, not aware of all the community assistance available to him.

It wasn’t until the man’s son flew to Calgary from Vancouver on Thursday and discovered that his father had been unsuccessfully attempting to do the work, when help finally arrived.

Members of the Calgary Fire Department, who had gone to the Community Resource Centre in Elbow Park hoping to provide humanitarian assistance to impacted residents, were sent to the man’s house.

Members from Edmonton Fire, on the direction of the Canada Task Force 2 Operations Centre, were also sent to the same residence.

Both crews worked together and completely cleared out the basement for the gentlemen in just four hours. City of Calgary engineers were then able to go in and conduct a building inspection.

After the house was cleared out, the gentlemen shook the hands of each member from CFD and EFD and expressed his appreciation for the work that they had done.

He also expressed his gratitude for the services he received from both The City of Calgary and Canada Task Force 2 Operations.