Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank You City Staff

These are letters and comments from Calgarians. 

To our 311 Call Centre:
"I would like to thank Mayor Nenshi and Bruce Burrell for their great performances during this crisis, they deserve to be acknowledged. I Hope they both get some sleep soon."
"I want to thank The City of Calgary and, in particular, the East Side Waste Disposal Team, for their help and support in cleaning up my yard. They did a great job and all the while with a smile. Thank you."
"I want to thank the two guys that showed up Saturday night to make sure we were safe from a fallen down tree, they were extremely helpful. You could tell they cared about all of us on the crescent. Keep up the good work and we are so pleased you showed up so late for us."
"Yesterday, [June 24] when the piles of debris from the flood were growing and expanding at Erlton St. and 24 Ave S.W., Ernie Janzen and Greg Wells of Calgary's Waste Management Services arrived and proceeded to fill and re-fill their truck with load after load after load of damaged items and ruined drywall. They are amazing!!! Calgary has the BEST civil servants. Thank you Ernie and Greg! These guys are awesome!"
"I want to thank 311 for the great service. They are always a wealth of information (especially during this time) and everyone is so pleasant."
“Thank you to Fire, Calgary Police Service, Inspectors , 311 and all who helped with victims of the flooding. The City of Calgary workers have done a marvellous job and I am very proud to see my city with such big hearts. We have done a great job!”
“I made six trips to the landfill yesterday and I’m very very pleased with everyone at the site, from the scalemen onwards. The City is doing a terrific job and I totally appreciate the fact that they are staying open later hours to try and help everyone in Calgary.”
“A big thank you for all the hard work of your Waste & Recycling Services staff during the clean-up of the flood”
“I am impressed with your services. I am a caring citizen and I love you guys.”
"Last night riding my bike on the way home from work, around midnight, and I was going up 19 Street NW hill, I saw a young lady, half way up the hill, leaning into the sewer grate and a mother duck going crazy. I though the young lady was getting sick but no there was some chicks that fell through the grate and mommy did not know what to do. She and her boyfriend called The City of Calgary to rescue them. They walked back to their car and I positioned my bike with all the lights on in such a way that anyone coming down the hill would not hit the momma. The City took about 1\2 hour. The grate was so old it required a major job just to lift it out. They took out 5 chicks and then had to open another grate a foot down and rescue a sixth chick. I asked the young lady to email me the pics and she did. Not to clear but here they are. After everything this week it is a nice story." (pictures were a little too unclear unfortunately).