Monday, September 30, 2013

Residential permit applications begin going online in 2014

Kevin Griffiths, Chief Building Official and manager of Building Regulations talks about Residential ePermit and The City’s efforts to place residential permit applications online starting in 2014.

The project targets industry customers in 2013, starting with two of The City’s most popular permit applications:

  • Single Construction permit in a Developing Area
    • A new home construction in new community
  • Contextual Dwelling (single & semi-detached) permit in a Developed Area 
    • A home built within an existing community that meets a specific set of rules (Land Use Bylaw 1P2007)

Work to add remaining Residential Permits online will be reviewed by DBA in 2014.
Residential ePermit will change the residential permit process, making it easier and faster to obtain a permit.  A few customer benefits include:

  • Applying for permits online, eliminating the need to visit the Municipal building in person
  • Obtaining a single project number, combining the Development and Building Permit
  • Enabling online project tracking for customers
  • Reducing customer costs, eliminating courier fees, and associated printing costs 

The next release will process the first single application for a Contextual dwelling (single & semi-detached home) online.  The single application will allow customers to apply for a Development Permit and Building Permit in one application.  This change will make it faster and easier for industry customers to do business with The City.

Learn more about the project, and changes to the residential permitting process by visiting


  1. What a great idea...will make it so much easier to apply.

  2. I agree to have this online residential permit. It's interesting to know, that acquiring permits would be convenient for everyone. This innovation gives way to transparency and valid information via online. Small Calgary real estate or any private home construction would benefit on this online transaction.