Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Calgary AfterSchool passes with flying colours

Today Calgary AfterSchool released the results of a four-year study showing the positive impact it’s making on the lives of Calgary children and youth. 

Right after school is a time when young people are home and many are unsupervised, with parents still at work. The City of Calgary, together with United Way’s “Upstart”, developed the Calgary AfterSchool framework which is a first of its kind in Canada. The innovative approached links programs provided by agencies and organizations across the city into a network of high-quality supervised activities for children and teens.

“It is important to us that we know what kind of difference we are making in the lives of Calgary children,” says City of Calgary program coordinator, Zorian Klymochko. “We commissioned this study to make sure the work we are doing is hitting the mark. We are thrilled to see the impact Calgary AfterSchool has made.”

According to the report, Calgary AfterSchool has resulted in kids spending less time at home alone and more time in activities that help them develop social skills and be more physically active. 

The report, done by Merrill Cooper of Guyn Cooper Research Associates Ltd., shows the program making a measurable difference for children with poor social skills and emotional challenges. The report findings also indicate that, fewer youth are spending time on unconstructive activities, such as watching TV, playing electronic games, or hanging out in the mall with nothing to do. Instead, they are engaging in supervised, high-quality programs where they are able to learn new skills, be physically active and have fun with peers.

Calgary AfterSchool currently offers programs across the city to children aged six to 16 between the critical hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. For details on the report or more information visit

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