Friday, April 25, 2014

New plaza adds to Landscape of Memory on Memorial Drive

Calgarians will soon be able to enjoy Calgary’s newest Landscape of Memory community hub along the Memorial Drive corridor. This fall (2014), The City will complete work on a new plaza and park space that features benches, bicycle racks, new trees and vegetation, low level lighting, and an art sculpture to help connect Calgarians to the Bow River.

Artist's rendering of Parkdale Plaza
“People enjoy using the Memorial Drive corridor for a variety of different reasons already -- commuting, walking, running, resting -- we wanted to create a space that enhances people’s experience in the park and adds more meaning and vibrancy to the area,” says Doug Marter, Planning and Development Manager, Parks.

Transforming open space in Parkdale

The plaza will be located at the end of 34A Street in the community of Parkdale. It is the second Landscape of Memory community hub (after Poppy Plaza) that will transform an open space along the corridor into a vibrant public space.

“This plaza will be a great enhancement to the park,” says Marter. “Right now, other than a few benches in the area, there’s no place that offers people a place to sit and enjoy the space. The new plaza will not only give people a place to sit, but take in the views and reflect, and even offer a unique view of The City’s stormwater system through the integrated art sculpture.”

Art sculpture connects Calgarians to Bow river

Part of the plaza will include an integrated art sculpture that will give plaza visitors a unique view of The City’s stormwater system and its impact on the health of our rivers. The artist, Brian Tolle, and local architect, Marc Boutin shared their visions for the plaza and the sculpture in the following video.

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