Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Your census answers count for Calgary school boards

Taking a few minutes to answer census questions will help Calgary school boards plan for the future.

“Information collected from the census informs school boards of how many kids are living in your community and how to best allocate resources for new students,” said Anne Trombley, Manager Calgary Board of Education Planning & Transportation.

School boards also use census data to plan for new schools and to examine how existing schools are being utilized.

“A lack of census responses can lead to false indicators,” explained Melissa Ummard, Planning Officer at the Catholic School Board. "We hope that by sharing information about the uses of census data - such as education planning - that more Calgarians will see the value in participating."

Census takers are knocking on doors until April 22. City identification badges are worn by all census takers; if it is not in plain view just ask to see it. If you’re not home, the census taker will leave a phone number where they can be reached to arrange the completion of your census. All information provided is secure.

For more information on census collection, visit Calgary.ca/census.

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