Monday, June 23, 2014

Calgary’s main streets – why do they matter?

The Planning department is launching a multi-year program this week to look at all of the ‘main streets’ throughout our city. In our Municipal Development Plan, these streets are formally known as our corridors.

How do Calgarians use these streets? As destinations for shopping and dining? For recreation? A place to call home? To get to somewhere else? How can we make them better or improve their best/most desired features? How can we leverage opportunities on these streets to aim for a better Calgary in the future? There are 24 main streets spanning 67 communities – let’s get the conversation started!

In the fall, we’ll launch the program city-wide. But first, we’re piloting it in Glamorgan and Glenbrook, Bowness, and Marlborough - home to three unique kinds of main streets. We want to talk with local residents and businesses that call these bustling streets ‘home’ and take what we learn to chat with them more in the fall. Next, we’ll visit everyone associated with the other 21 main streets over the next couple of years.

Check out the video and visit for information about the events this week and the program.

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