Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Remembering the 2013 June flood; response, recovery and the road ahead - Office of Land Servicing & Housing

Office of Land Servicing & Housing wins Project of the Year Award for Flood Response Housing Initiative

During the height of the flood in June 2013, The City was asked by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency to find a site that would be a suitable location for a temporary neighbourhood for southern Albertans. The aim was to provide housing as quickly as possible so that people displaced by the flood could begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

The Office of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH) stepped up to lend its expertise in managing the project.

“We quickly assembled a team of OLSH employees at the Emergency Operations Centre to come up with solutions,” said Joel Armitage, Director of OLSH. “We had to find City-owned land that would be suitable for work-camp style trailer accommodations; we then needed to squeeze the timeframes of a project that normally takes 12 months to complete into only five weeks.”

OLSH staff worked around the clock for two days evaluating potential sites before the Province selected 40 acres of City-owned land in our future Forest Lawn Creek industrial park on the corner of 57 St. S.E. and 68 Ave. S.E.

The project team quickly grew to include 16 City staff members from OLSH, Law, and Corporate Finance, with The City’s Corporate Project Management Framework providing crucial tools to complete the project quickly.

Following completion of the project, OLSH staff were recognised for their project management expertise by the Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter (PMI-SAC), winning their Project of the Year award in the Community Advancement category. This was a great honour for the OLSH staff who worked so hard to deliver this project in a short timeframe, but the true reward was knowing that their hard work contributed to helping our neighbours from surrounding communities.

Visit calgary.ca/floodinfo for 2013 flood facts, photos, infographics and more.

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  1. Remembering the 2013 June flood?! seriously?
    how about getting ready for the June 14 one?
    how about cleaning the streets on a daily basis (like any other big city) insted of doing it twice a year. and START REMOVING SNOW!!!