Monday, February 23, 2015

Registration now open: Adventure starts with spring and summer recreation programs

It’s official – warm weather is around the corner, and with it comes The City of Calgary Spring & Summer Recreation Program Guide. While there are more than 6,000 opportunities available, here are our top six recommendations so you and your family can reach this year’s summer adventure quota.

1. Warm weather is a great time to check out our Glenmore Sailing School. Learn to Cruise is a two-week intensive introductory course to sailing which will have you enjoying the summer sun out on the water (there’s nothing wrong with getting a little wet)! 
2. Many Calgarians spend spring and summer exploring the Rocky Mountains. Why not prep the family beforehand with rock climbing lessons? Or better yet – drop-in sessions for the family are available at all of our rock climbing walls.
3. As the popularity of skateboarding continues to rise, so do the opportunities for your young ‘pro-skaters.’ This year, we are offering skateboard lessons for ages 6 to 17. There is also Skateboard Art School and the ‘uber-cool’ and oh-so affordable, One Push Skateboarding day camps. 
4. Nothing says adventure like superheroes! Our arts centres offer Cartoons & Comics For Youth, or take Drawing & Painting for Families to create (literally) your adventure together. 
5. By no means do we live in a tropical country, but with the warm weather we can sure pretend! To best do so, register for Latin Rhythms. This latest fitness craze will get your heart-pumping, and your feet- a-dancing. Then take your Latin moves onto the deck - it’s time to celebrate the season! 
6. Lastly, nothing says nice weather in Calgary more than seeing golfers on the green! Join us for the Family Beginner Series or if you are an avid golfer at any City-owned golf courses, new this season, we are offering a Loyalty Program which lets you golf more for less.
Don’t delay - registration starts today. Visit to register. Looking for more adventure ideas? Customize your own adventure with My Rec Guide.

Submitted by Lisa Fleece, Recreation

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