Monday, March 30, 2015

George began his career with the City in 1965. Calgary’s population was 311,116

George Dorn with his 50-year service award
George Dorn has seen a lot of firsts.

When Calgary launched the LRT system in 1981, Dorn became one of its first operators.

As the holder of Badge No. 1, Dorn is now retiring after a 50-year career. Dorn is making history as the City’s longest-serving employee ever.

“I started with rubber tire trolleys. I was on the trains before Calgary Transit brought in power steering,” said Dorn, 78.

Dorn started as a bus driver in 1965. Back then, drivers took riders on city-wide tours and would even pull up to your doorstep if you called for a ride outside the routes.

“Never had a boring day,” he said. “I never learned what the word stress is. I’ve had a good career. The City has treated me good.”

The fact that Dorn has been present for every CTrain line opening in Calgary’s history is remarkable, said Transit Manager Doug Morgan. “When I speak with George, it strikes me that he sees himself as a regular guy earning an honest living. I think he underestimates his impact on the community. He is a member of the Calgary Transit family who will be missed. He is part of our story and someone who will be remembered long past his retirement date.”

Dorn spent 16 years driving buses and 34 at the helm of CTrains.

“I enjoy the kids I work with, they’re young and full of energy. I think I stayed around so long because I didn’t want to quit. You really get to know personally your ridership. I’ve got some long time riders that are friends.”

Transit supervisor Cam Perkins says Dorn will be missed.

“I think the City was lucky to have someone like George because of the passion he had for the job, and the pride he took in transporting Calgarians to their destinations. He truly loved meeting people and talking with them,” said Perkins.

For now, Dorn says he’s going to enjoy a relaxed pace of life and enjoy time with his four children and eight grandchildren.


  1. I wish the gen Xers' and their ilk had George's attitude! Well done George and many thanks for your work over the years!

  2. Thanks for your service Mr. Dorn!