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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Green Line SE...Demystified!

The City hosted three public workshops from March 10-12 about the Green Line SE Transitway route and development around transit stations. Approximately 400 people participated in the workshops. If you missed these sessions, check out the online survey - available until April 1.

Since the workshops, we’ve been hearing a lot of great questions about the project. Read on for further information about sections of the Green Line route that are currently in discussion.

Council has already approved the Green Line route alignment, so why is The City looking at possible alternate routes?

The plans for the Green Line SE were started in the 1980’s – so when Council approved funding for the Green Line SE in 2013, they asked The City to revisit the plans to make sure they work for Calgary today and in the future.

The project team looked at opportunities for improvement along the route. We focused on identifying areas where the route could be better integrated into communities, and potentially plant the seed for development around transit stations.

What areas of the route are currently up for discussion?

Three locations are currently under review for the Green Line SE route alignment:
• 11 Street S.E. in Ramsay
• Ogden Road
• 24 Street S.E. in Quarry Park

Why do we want to hear from SE Calgary about the three routing options?

We see opportunities to build a more integrated service that accommodates all modes of transportation, serves the community, and encourages liveable neighbourhoods. The alternate routes offer better community access to stations, seamless integration with local streets and sidewalks, and potential for future development. However, we also recognize that we need to consider the trade-off’s in terms of traffic and land impacts. We want to understand how the communities along the Green Line feel about the alternate routes, and where they see issues and opportunities.

Why are we looking at alternate routes in Ramsay?

The current Council-approved Green Line Southeast alignment in Ramsay has a number of challenges, including space constraints between Canadian Pacific Rail (CP) tracks and the neighbouring historical resource buildings. We are currently looking at this option in more detail to determine how/if this route can work within this space.

What opportunities does The City see if the Green Line runs down 11 Street S.E. in Ramsay?

Ramsay is a beautiful character community, and we believe the Transitway can offer a unique chance to extend this quality to 11 Street S.E. One of the City’s tools create more liveable neighbourhoods is the Complete Streets Guide, and the project team sees opportunities to enhance the street by tying into store fronts and businesses, and creating a pleasant and safe environment with green space, upgraded sidewalks, and better connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

Why is The City looking at an alternate route in Ogden?

The current Council approved Green Line SE alignment in Ogden shows the route running parallel to CP land. The Transitway would be on the east side of Ogden Road and would transition to the backside of the community of Ogden, extending from Lynnwood (near CN bridge crossing) through to South Hill. This option works well from a transit speed point-of-view, but misses the opportunity for community building and/or integration with the station.

Similar to the reasoning for an alternate route in Inglewood/Ramsay, we believe that there might be an opportunity to run the Transitway along Odgen Road to provide a more easily accessible station in the heart of the community. We are also looking at a hybrid option which would involve keeping the Green Line next to CP Rail with a station that fronts on Ogden Road. These could also potentially trigger revitalization and further development of Ogden Road

When will the Green Line SE route be finalized?

The route recommendations will be presented to Council in October 2015. The City will report back to communities with the final recommendations in September, prior to meeting with Council. Recommendations will be made based on input from the public, the development community, and The City’s internal groups (Transit, Planning, etc).

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  1. the three alternatives, especially the 11th street SE Ramsay one, are terrible ideas. Stick with what was originally planned.

  2. Agree stick to original going through the heart of an old established community is degrading and disgusting terrible city planning once again.

  3. Wow! It's a good to know about the green line routes. Really, lots of efforts government is doing to prevent accidents. People too make some efforts by stay alert while driving to reduce accidents. Also should maintain a well serviced vehicle and know all the traffic guidelines. Thanks for sharing the post.