Friday, August 7, 2015

Weekend yard work – removing tree debris from storms

With weekend highs of plus 20 degrees, many Calgarians will be out in their yards cleaning up after the past week's storms. Depending on how much tree debris you have around your house, here are some options to help you with your clean-up.

Place smaller debris in your black cart: Leaves, small branches and twigs can be placed in your black cart for regular pick-up.

Bundles branches and place next to your black cart: Cut larger branches into four foot lengths and tie into bundles with string or put them inside a garbage bag.

Bundled branches should be cut into four foot lengths.
It’s important that you make sure the bundles are manageable in size. You should be able to wrap your arms around the bundle.

After you’ve set the bundles next to your black cart for pick-up, help out your collector by making sure you’ve left enough space (approximately one foot) around the cart to ensure proper collection.

If the bundles aren’t picked up by the next collection day, please leave them out and they will be picked up in the following weeks.

Take larger tree debris to City landfills: Larger amounts of tree debris should be taken to any City landfill - Spyhill, Shepard and East Calgary. Landfills are accepting residential loads of tree debris from the past week’s storms at no charge until Sunday, August 16, 2015 (residential tree loads only). All of the tree debris brought to the landfill will be composted.

Hire a private hauler: If all else fails, you can hire a private hauler. Please note that you will be responsible for any costs incurred.

Wear proper footwear when cutting tree branches.
Stay safe: Whatever you're doing this weekend, we want you to be safe. Below are some tips to help you stay safe when cutting tree branches:
  • Wear protective equipment such as:
    • Goggles/safety glasses
    • Gloves
    • Earmuffs/ear plugs – especially if you are operating a chainsaw
    • Proper footwear – flip flops just won’t work 
  • Do a pre-work assessment to avoid uneven ground, broken branches and electrical wires
  • If you’re using a ladder:
    • Tie it off to the tree truck or a secure branch
    • Use a fall protection harness
    • Avoid soft, uneven ground to help prevent the ladder from slipping
For more information on how to recycle your tree branches, visit

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