Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reminder to stay safe around our many waterways when out enjoying our warm winter weather

Remember to be aware of the dangers with skating, skiing and walking on ice-covered waterways as you go out to enjoy the great outdoors and the warmer weather.

Skating at Bowness Park.
Stay ice safe

Even though the ice on our rivers, reservoir, storm water ponds and community lakes may look solid, be aware looks can be deceiving. Stay off the ice unless it is a City- or community-designated area.

Water level and flow underneath these ice surfaces changes constantly, which affects the ice in unpredictable ways. Moving water may cause ice to melt quicker and our varying weather temperatures contribute to inconsistent thickness in ice.

Where to get out and be active

But we know that ice skating and cross-country skiing are popular activities in Calgary. Check out one of these great locations to help stay active and safe.

Outdoor ice skating:
- The City maintains six outdoor rinks in parks through Calgary.
- The Adopt-a-Rink program maintains over 35 rinks through the help of volunteers.
- Community and resident associations also maintain rinks.
Cross-country skiing:
- Groomed cross-country skiing areas are volunteer-maintained at five Calgary golf-courses.
- Parks and schoolyards offer cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities.

Check us out online for more information on ice safety

Find out about other great winter activities in Calgary.

Submitted by Sandra Sweet, Calgary Fire Department

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