Thursday, January 28, 2016

Roads crews keep busy with warm winter maintenance

The City’s Roads crews pay close attention to the weather forecast all winter long. During and after a snowfall, we’re busy sanding, salting and plowing roads and sidewalks to keep everyone travelling safely. But what do our crews get up to when a warm spell hits Calgary?

Our maintenance team has plenty of work to do as temperatures rise. Here are a few of the projects we take on when the weather is warm:

  • Salting and sanding icy patches: Although we’ve been experiencing warm temperatures during the day recently, the temperature usually dips below zero overnight. This creates a freeze-thaw cycle, resulting in icy patches across the city. Crews patrol for trouble spots before rush hour every day, salting and sanding these spots.
  • Filling potholes: Did you know that every year The City of Calgary fills over 40,000 potholes? Potholes form when snow melts into cracks in the asphalt and then freezes, expanding in the cracks. In order to permanently fix potholes, crews need dry pavement and warm weather conditions, which means pothole repair can happen in winter if the temperature is high enough.
  • Snow fence repair: Throughout winter, some snow fences may be knocked down or damaged. Crews respond to calls and repair the fences so they can properly block snowdrifts for the rest of the season.
  • Roadside debris pickup: This includes general cleaning and garbage pickup on our streets and boulevards around the city.
  • Windrows: City crews do their best to keep windrows small by evenly distributing the snow on either side of the road. However, after heavy snowfalls, windrows can build up. If a windrow is impeding a resident’s ability to enter their driveway, a crew can come by and assess the windrow and break it down if necessary. Residents are advised to contact 311 if they have large windrow concerns.
  • Training: Our crews take pride in always being fully trained on the latest technologies and machinery. When there’s less snow to plow, we train our crews on new equipment or prepare them for upcoming projects, such as Spring Clean-Up.
Warm weather comes and goes throughout winter, so our crews will continue to watch for potential snowfall. For more information on the City’s snow and ice control efforts, FAQs, and details of our Seven Day Snow Plan, visit

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