Friday, April 22, 2016

A record 116 Community Cleanups begin this weekend, run throughout summer

Each year, from April to September, we team up with local community association volunteers to help you dispose of unwanted household items and property waste that may not fit in your black, green or blue carts -- FREE of charge.

A record 116 Community Cleanups are scheduled this year, so grab some gloves and elbow grease and get ready to help beautify your home, yard, and neighbourhood.

One million kg of waste collected 

Last year, 112 Community Cleanups were held across the city.  You cleaned up 1.3 million kilograms (101 million kg in garbage and 222,000 kg in organics) of waste, saving many trips to the landfill.

Each community association books and manages additional disposal and recycling services for electronics, metals, bicycles, car seats, tires, and paint. Check with your community association for details.

Take part in your Community Cleanup

This weekend, there will be events in Palliser, Edgemont, Forest Lawn and Millrise on Saturday, April 23, and in Abbeydale, Auburn Bay, Glendale and Triwood on Sunday, April 24.

If you’re able to help out with a cleanup or if you would like to find out more details about your local event, please contact your community association.

For more information on Community Cleanups, please visit

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