Monday, June 20, 2016

Cycle track pilot – A year in review

The cycle track network pilot project has now been in operation for a year. Since opening, we have continued to monitor and make adjustments to the project by improving parking and loading access and improving traffic flow so people can get to their downtown destinations. The Bicycle Ambassador team has been on-street and at events helping Calgarians understand how to walk, bike and drive along the network.

With six months still left before a decision is made by Council on the future of the network, here is what we have seen from the first 12 months:
770, 393 total trips counted in three middle 
locations from June 18, 2015 to June 18, 2016

  • 770, 393 total trips counted in three middle locations from June 18, 2015 to June 18, 2016
  • 158,400 trips counted in the same three locations during colder months (November 2015-March 2016)
  • 68,000 Cycle Track Tips Guides mailed out to Calgarians and found in nine brochure holders along the network
  • 24,500 total interactions with Calgarians through our Bike Ambassadors to date
  • 1,811 messages received by 311 regarding the pilot project (45 per cent were received before the network opened)
  • 758 new bicycle parking spaces installed downtown
  • 130 net new parking stalls downtown (to offset the loss along the cycle track routes)
  • 27 per cent of people riding are women (an increase from a network average of 20 per cent before the cycle tracks)
Project fast facts:
  • 18 months-the total duration of the pilot project
  • 6.5 km of separated lanes or shared space along three corridors (12 Avenue S, 8/9 Avenue S.W. and 5 Street S.W.)
  • $1.35 million under budget (total cost was $5.75 million, equal to approximately one LRT car)


  1. What are the baseline comparative figures? The only one I see is the percentage of female riders. Anecdotally, my guesstimate is that the trips exceeded best case estimates (but that is only a guess)

    1. There's quite a bit of data involved to provide you with the full picture, so we've collected the materials below to help explain.

      Baseline and evaluation measures:

      Current and target bicycle volume data for five routes:

      Daily count of total trips at various locations:

    2. City of Calgary: where are copies of the agenda minutes you note in your reply above now kept?

    3. Hi Neil. Here is the link to the evaluation PDFs

      Other background documents are available on the Related Documents section on

  2. "130 net new parking stalls downtown." Where are these relation/comparison to the ones lost for bike lanes of course?

    1. The parking stalls for each route are listed at under the 'Parking changes' section.

  3. Overall, total parking spaces have actually increased along the cycle tracks, since you have added many bike racks. Remember, one car equals 1 shopper and 1 bike equals one shopper. There are now more Shoppers downtown.

  4. When would this be going to council to make it permanent - Dec? Have we hit the numbers we should be hitting?

    1. Yes, Council will make their decision on the future of the pilot in December 2016. We have exceeded the target numbers on some parts of the network but not on others yet (targets are available here:

      You can see how many a daily count of total trips at the different count locations at

  5. So the leftover funds from building the cycle tracks can be used to teach people how to ride their bikes on the road where there aren't cycle tracks? $1.35 million = over 7700 cyclists fully funded through CAN-BIKE 2.

  6. 7st cycle track needs to extend to 12 ave. 5 st cycle track is awkward to access at the north end. We need better access to cycle tracks by fixing busted pavement on Nose Creek and csnal pathways too.
    I seldom get to cycle tracks because decades old broken pavement needs fixing. I would have used cycletracks more if access from the airport is imprved. We need to feed the cycle tracks better to get even higher numbers. Just getting there can be problematic. Access needs to improve. Make cycle tracks permanent

  7. Can anyone tell me why they didn't put the 12ave cycle track on 10th as it has less traffic and less lights?

  8. It is time bikes are licensed and charged a fee to pay for these lanes. The $12,500,000.00 that is budgeted should be used for the empty Food Bank and full Women's Shelters.... Less than 2% of Calgarians use these lanes but how many are not able to feed their children?

    After 6 years of trying to get the City to even restore 1 of the 2 lanes taken from 18,0000 motorists for 6 daily summer cyclists on 11th ST SE I know citizens will never be listened too.........