Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Five places to catch 'em all

So you’ve decided to catch 'em all and are walking around the city, getting your daily exercise, and fulfilling your gaming goals, but do you know where to go? 

We’ve made a list of the top five places where you’ll find more than just Pokémon!

1. Prince’s Island Park

There’s no doubt that this 1950s park is the spot for finding rare Pokémon and is filled with PokéStops and a few gyms. If you need to beat the heat after strolling through the park, drop by the nearby Eau Claire wading pool. The park also features picnic areas, canoe access to the river, flower gardens and several water fountains.  We have also heard top secret news that there is a Hitmonlee Nest along the Bow River Pathway.

Reminder: Take only Pokémon, leave only footprints. Please make sure your trash ends up in a garbage or recycling bin.

2. Olympic Plaza

This 1988 plaza originally built for the Olympic Winter Games features The Famous Five sculpture as a PokéStop. The statue signifies the petitioners in the groundbreaking Persons Case. Not only will you find numerous Pokémon along the Plaza, you can also learn about important history. If you’re planning on hitting up the Plaza this summer, be sure to catch some free concerts on Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. 

Reminder: Be aware of your surroundings; watch out for uneven surfaces and other visitors to this busy park.

3. Stephen  Avenue

If you’re out on Stephen Avenue, you’ll have no trouble finding PokéStops or Pokémon, but you’ll also find various busker stops and art pieces. Discover our city’s arts and culture through a stroll on the Avenue. Several manhole cover designs across the Avenue are PokéStops. The Chinook manhole covers were a joint project between Infrastructure and Public Art, blending the utilitarian with the artistic. You’ll also find one of Calgary’s most familiar art pieces titled The Conversation, recognizing our city’s ever-present entrepreneurial spirit.

Reminder: Don’t jaywalk and when legally crossing the street, be vigilant of traffic and other pedestrians.

4. City Hall

Featuring three different PokéStops, and several others close by, City Hall often has lures. While you’re luring Pokémon, be sure to take a minute and admire the king of the jungle. Originally constructed in 1917, the concrete lion was restored and perched at the entrance of the Municipal Building in 2003. Over the course of the lion’s reign he has become a well-known symbol of Calgary’s strength, integrity and independent character.

Reminder: While moving around the city, be cautious about accepting private Pokémon transportation offers from strangers and understand the risks involved.

5. Village Square Leisure Centre

Lastly, while you’re out battling your Pokémon at the Village Square Leisure Centre gym, why not drop by a real gym yourself? The Leisure Centre also features a safari-themed water park with a wave pool, slides, and splash zone. Youth can also get a
Youth Summer Passport for unlimited recreation access to any City facility for just $50, or $25 with a valid youth bus pass in July and August. Be sure to get full advantage while playing to get moving. For ideas on how to get moving, check our 50 bucket list adventures to challenge you this summer!

Reminder: (Parents) Be sure to talk to your children about their personal safety, to use common sense and be aware of their surroundings in the real world.

    Here are some tips while you “poke” around and explore your Calgary
    • Set up lures in Calgary parks
      Calgary parks are littered with PokéStops which mean they’re also great places to use lures. You get to enjoy the wonderful scenery, meet new people and stay safe while catching the elusive Dragonite.
    • Incubate your eggs on Calgary’s multi-use pathways
      Did you know Calgary has nearly 800 kms of pathways? What better place to incubate your eggs? Bonus: the probability of walking into something while on the pathways is much less, just make sure you leave room for others who also use the pathways.
    • Stay safe while exploring
      Check out
      safety tips from the folks with Calgary Police Service on how to ensure your exploration is a safe and fun experience.
    For more information on having fun and being active this summer visit or

    Submitted by Iman Bukhari, Customer Service and Communications


    1. also? UofC research park! there's a big cluster of stops there.

    2. The zoo ctrain station, egg statue are 2 Poke Stops. There are more poke stops inside the zoo too.

    3. OMG people - get a life! Looking for imaginary things, is consuming your time. The parks and beautiful spots were always there!

      1. Really. Why are you even trolling these sites to make fun of people. You are even worse. Let me guess, hipster that loves to hate on Pokémon because you are just too cool for things that go mainstream. I mean seriously, how does it make you life any different? It actually makes me a little sad. You say get a life but it is you that is checking out Pokémon posts to just rag on people...... You don't seem to have a life yourself........ Maybe you should take up Pokémon......