Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Roads wraps up another successful season of summer maintenance

City crews finished spring-cleaning our roads in early May, which meant getting a head-start on summer maintenance work. Despite heavy rains in July, crews have kept busy over the last few months with pothole repair, boulevard maintenance and gravel lane repair.

“Having warm weather early in the season gave our crews a great opportunity to fill extra potholes and get a jump on asphalt repair. This work helps keep motorists, pedestrians and cyclists safer all year round,” says Roads Maintenance Manager Bill Biensch.

Here’s a look at some of the maintenance work done on City streets over the past few months.

Pothole Repair

Potholes can pop up on any of Calgary’s roads, even after a mild winter. When water seeps through cracks in the asphalt, it freezes and expands, causing the road surface to rise. Melting ice then leads to an empty space beneath the asphalt. The weight of vehicles driving over the asphalt causes the surface to collapse, creating a pothole. While major roads are inspected regularly, crews rely on citizen reports to 311 for potholes on residential roads.

In May, June and July, crews filled over 3,600 potholes across the city, with nearly half of those potholes being filled in July. Crews were also able to fill some potholes throughout the 2015-2016 winter season when the weather was warm and dry.

Go online to report a pothole on City roads.

Boulevard Maintenance

The Roads boulevard crew had a busy summer maintaining over 1,400 hectares of green space that runs along roadways. Boulevard maintenance includes mowing, managing pests, landscaping, and cleaning up litter. Between May and August, our boulevard crews:

  • Collected over 2,000 bags of garbage on the boulevards and 900 bags of prohibitive noxious weeds.
  • Planted and maintained 65 annual planters along the cycle track network
  • Planted 125 larch tree seedlings along Sarcee Trail 
  • Scouted locations to plant 4,000 trees across the city in 2017

Gravel Lane Repair

Every community across Calgary is inspected as part of the gravel lane repair program. Crews inspect gravel lanes to see if it is necessary to re-grade them, to address issues like potholes and drainage.

To date, crews have inspected and completed re-grading of gravel lanes in over 100 communities across the city, with several more scheduled to be done in September and October.

Click here to see the full gravel lane repair schedule.

As fall approaches, crews will be completing summer maintenance projects and preparing for the inevitable first snowfall. Stay up to date on all Roads projects by following @yyctransport on Twitter.

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