Tuesday, March 28, 2017

CTrain Operator rescues forgotten purse filled with birthday cash

Calgary Transit customer Li Feng Yang got her 75th birthday wish.

After receiving $1,300 in cash gifts from family and friends for her recent birthday, the mood went from joy to sorrow when she accidently left her purse containing the money on a CTrain during a trip to see her family doctor.

Yang was also planning to deposit the money in the bank.

She immediately notified Calgary Transit about her devastating loss.

“It must have slipped off my arm,” Yang said of her purse, which plopped onto the seat beside her. After notifying Calgary Transit, the senior said she had a “sleepless night” wondering if she would ever see the purse and money again.

Enter CTrain operator Mesfin Tadese. “I found it on the train during a walk through at 69th Street,” Tadese said. “I called it in and kept it safe with me.” The purse was turned over to Calgary Transit’s lost property unit and returned to Yang with all its precious contents intact.

“I was just so happy,” said Yang. “I’m so grateful!”

“I’m just glad she got her purse back” Tadese said. “I wouldn’t want to lose that amount of cash.”

Every day, 50 to 100 forgotten items are turned in to Calgary Transit’s lost property department. It takes teamwork behind the scenes to help with the speedy return of wallets, cell phones and other valuables left behind. Everything from musical instruments to false teeth have turned up after being mistakenly left behind on buses and CTrains. Winter is peak season for forgotten goods, most notably toques, gloves and scarves.

All found items are collected at our bus garages and secured in a metal bin for delivery to our Centre Street Lost Property office.

Lost property can be reported online at CalgaryTransit.com or by calling 403-268-1600. Owners can also call 403-262-1000 to learn if their property has been turned in. Be prepared to give a detailed description of the lost item, the date and time it was lost and the route number.

Providing transit service that is helpful is part of Calgary Transit’s Customer Commitment.

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