Monday, May 8, 2017

1 Street S.W. improvements begin

Construction has begun on a project to improve the streetscape for pedestrians and transit users on 1 Street S.W. between 10 Avenue and 17 Avenue.

The improvements will include wider sidewalks, prominent crosswalks, upgraded LED pedestrian and street lighting, new tree plantings, additional bike racks, increased number of on-street parking spaces and a centre median with banner pageantry program.

“The improvements build on the existing character of the blocks located between 12 and 14 Avenues, extending the streetscape design along the full length of the corridor,” said Graham Gerylo, Urban Strategy project manager with the City of Calgary. “This work will create a safer, more comfortable and inviting environment for the thousands of pedestrians and transit riders that travel along this corridor each day.”

Construction will take place in stages and is being coordinated in a way that best minimizes impacts to businesses, residents, pedestrians and motorists. The first stage of work includes utility crossings along the entire corridor, followed by the improvements along the east side of 1 Street between 10 and 12 Avenues.

As part of the construction, sidewalks will be demolished, and crews will excavate trenches to run electrical conduit to power the new streetlight poles and dig holes for new tree plantings. This work will require the sidewalk and adjacent lane to be closed. The closed lane will be used as a pedestrian detour, where temporary ramps will be installed to provide access to every building entrance.

Some construction activities will require excavation within the roadway and will require full or partial lane closures. When possible, this work will be scheduled during off-peak hours or over weekends. If full-lanes are closed, temporary traffic detours will be set up.

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