Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Community banners celebrate Canadian pride, passion and heritage

In partnership with Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), The City is celebrating Canada's 150 birthday by installing colourful outdoor banners in in communities, City parks, streets and boulevards.

Saskatoon pie, Nanaimo bars, butter tarts and maple syrup are all delicious Canadian inventions

Every year, The City and ACAD collaborate on a project to showcase the diversity and quality of work from students, while enlivening City buildings, parks, roads and other public spaces. This year was even more special as twelve students were asked to design 50 different designs to celebrate and inspire pride, passion, and our Canadian heritage. The designs are based on five themes: Aboriginal heritage; Canadian architecture, famous inventors and inventions; landscapes and land management; and transportation.

The students’ designs, which also incorporate colours from Heritage Canada’s official 150th anniversary logo, will be proudly on display around the city until summer 2018 as part of The City’s Canada 150 community banner program.

Installation of the banners, kindly supported by Arbor-Tech Utility Services Ltd., started mid-April and will be completed in time for Canada Day. On July 1, the banners will be on display at Confederation Park as part of the Canada Day festivities at the park.

Flowers, also inspired by the Canada 150 theme, will be on display in City parks and communities as another way to celebrate and recognize Canada’s milestone birthday and further enhance the beauty of our city.

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