Friday, April 13, 2018

Warm weather bringing pothole relief for Calgary drivers

With the weather warming up, City Road crews are now out in full-force repairing all those pesky potholes. And we’re asking residents to let us know if you see potholes popping up in your neighbourhood.

“About a month ago, we started to see many potholes forming on the all roads in Calgary,” says Road Maintenance Manager Bill Biensch. “Now, with the snow melting in the communities, we expect to see many more in those areas.”

Potholes form when snow melts into cracks in the asphalt and then freezes, expanding in the cracks. As vehicles drive over these areas, the asphalt breaks away, creating a hole in the road.

So far this year, The City has received about 2,000 service requests for potholes. Biensch says these numbers are similar to most years, but we are seeing the potholes form in a compressed time frame.

“It may seem like more this year because crews were not able to fix any potholes this winter,” he adds. “Typically, we fix potholes throughout the winter, every time we get a chinook. But this year, we had very few warm days, so we were not able to get that work done.”

Now that the weather has improved, extra crews have been assigned to potholes. Biensch says the extra crews will be filling about 300 potholes a week, so Calgarians should see a big improvement quickly.

To identify pavement in need of repair, The City inspects major roads twice a month and collector roads once a month. In residential areas, however, we rely on citizens and City crews to report concerns.

“We are asking for the public’s help in locating potholes on less-travelled streets and in laneways,” says Biensch. “Once we know about them, we can add them to our list and send crews out to fix them.”

If residents spot a pothole, they are asked to report them by submitting a Service Request form on’s Pothole Repair page or through the City 311 app, with a photo if possible.

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