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Improving stormwater drainage in SW Calgary

rain flowing into a storm drain
We’re improving stormwater drainage in Woodlands, Woodbine, Cedarbrae, Braeside, Palliser and Pump Hill. In recent years, these areas have had an unusually high number of heavy rainfall events resulting in flooding. To better manage this stormwater, we are upgrading infrastructure across the southwest and installing dry and wet ponds.

Major improvements

    A map of the Woodlands Woodbine Community Drainage Improvement projects
  • A new dry pond at Southland Drive & Braeside Drive SW (March – August 2018) 
  • A new underground storm trunk in the median of 24th Street SW (June 2018 – Nov 2018) 
  • A new storm pond constructed in Bebo Grove day use area (2019 – June 2020) 

Secondary improvements (August 2018 & July/August 2019)

  • Proposed installation of inlet control devices (ICD’s) 
  • Replacement or upgrade of catch basins and manholes 
  • Storm sewer diversions 
  • Improvement of overland spill routes in the local neighborhood

New 24th street storm trunk diversion details

A new underground storm trunk will be installed in the median of 24th Street SW from Woodview Drive SW to Woodpark Blvd. SW and south into Fish Creek Provincial Park. 

Construction of the storm trunk diversion consists of excavation, underground piping, backfill and road restoration. Construction impacts will include:
  • Increased traffic on 24th Street S.W. (construction crews, trucks hauling materials to and from site)
  • Construction noise
  • Staged closures of 24th Street S.W. south of Woodview Dr. complete with detours. Access to the communities of Woodbine and Woodlands will be maintained through Woodview Dr.
  • Tree removal
  • Access road into Fish Creek Park will be closed to vehicles during construction of the portion of the storm trunk under the access road
The storm diversion will significantly reduce flooding that occurs along 24th Street SW and in the communities of Woodbine and Woodlands as the new trunk will be . During heavy rainfall, overall vehicle and pedestrian safety will be improved, traffic congestion reduced and emergency vehicle access unimpeded by flooding.

New Bebo Grove storm pond details

A new storm pond will be constructed in the Bebo Grove day use area of Fish Creek Provincial Park. The pond be a hybrid wet pond-wetland where wetland water levels will vary with the seasons and amount of rainfall. A new asphalt trail will be constructed around the south perimeter of the pond to connect with existing trails in Fish Creek. Construction will be ongoing throughout summer 2019 with landscaping to be completed in summer of 2020. 

Construction of the pond consists of earthworks (excavation and grading), underground piping and landscaping. Construction impacts will include:
  • Increased traffic to the Bebo Grove day use area of Fish Creek Park (construction crews, trucks hauling materials to and from site)
  • Construction noise
  • Access road and day use area will closed to the public for the duration of construction. Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained into and throughout the park.
The storm pond will allow for storage of stormwater during rain events and improve the quality of the water discharged to Fish Creek by separation and settlement of suspended solids. Newly created picnic areas and lookouts surrounding the pond will provide spaces for park users to enjoy the improved aesthetics of the Bebo Grove area and the wet pond will attract more bird and wildlife species.

About the Woodlands Woodbine Community Drainage Improvements (WWCDI) program

The above projects are a result of the WWCDI program, launched in 2010 to mitigate flooding in areas throughout the city. Drainage studies were undertaken to come up with solutions to areas that were frequently hit by flooding caused by extreme rainfall events in older areas of the city. When a drainage study is completed, a set of solutions are developed to mitigate flooding in the area. Solutions can be a combination of adding additional storm drainage pipes, increasing the size of drainage pipes and adding storm ponds to help mitigate flooding.

These drainage improvement projects aim to reduce the chance of flooding from 20% down to 2%. This brings the system up to a level that is current to City of Calgary servicing standards.

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