Thursday, December 10, 2009

Calgary takes part in 'Green' panel at Copenhagen Climate Summit

Here is an interview with Dave Day, The City's Director of Environmental and Safety Management, about Calgary's prominant role at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference. Day will be presenting a paper on what The City has done to tackle greenhouse-gas emissions and learn best practices from other municipalities.

Here is a press release from Mayor Dave Bronconnier and the role The City of Calgary will play at the Mayor's Summit, an invite-only symposium that discusses municipal initiatives to curb emissions.

As world leaders gather in Copenhagen to discuss strategies to combat climate change, Mayor Dave Bronconnier will be joining over 60 Mayors from across the globe to share experiences with practical approaches to reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

“Calgary has an outstanding record in promoting energy efficiency and new ‘green’ technologies, and this is what we want to show the world, and at the same time, learn from what other major cities are doing,” said Mayor Bronconnier.

Calgary’s Mayor is joining his counterparts from across the globe in the series of events leading up to the Leaders Summit intended to discuss the next Climate Accord expected to replace the Kyoto Protocol which expires in 2012. The mission is in response to a personal invitation extended to Mayor Bronconnier by the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Ritt Bjerregaard. The 3 day program (December 14-16, 2009) includes roundtable discussions, presentations, keynote addresses of prominent world leaders and individual meetings with senior officials from government and private industry.

The City of Calgary has a proven track record in delivering on greenhouse gas reductions. Specifically, The City of Calgary municipal operations are on track to reduce GHG emissions by over 60% from the period 1990 to 2012, exceeding the 6% reduction established by the international Kyoto Accord.

In Copenhagen, Mayor Bronconnier will be speaking as a part of the “Clean Energy” panel with the mayors of Barcelona, Spain, Zurich, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway and share Calgary’s successes in innovative ways to use green energy and become more energy efficient, specifically highlighting:

  • 100% renewable electricity by 2012 contract with ENMAX to power municipal operations making Calgary a North American Leader in adoption of green energy, and
  • Calgary Climate Change Accord signed by the members of the World Energy Cities Partnership leading and encouraging other energy cities to join Calgary in these efforts.

“Reducing Green House Gases by encouraging energy conservation and investments in renewable energy are pillars of strong environmental and economic stewardship. At The City of Calgary we take that seriously because we believe the quality of life our citizens, today and generations from now, is at stake. We are committed to working together with our community, other cities and governments to ensure that this goal is achieved on a local and global basis. I am pleased to join the Mayors from around the world to showcase our successes and promote our City as the model for environmental stewardship,” said Mayor Bronconnier.

Mayor Bronconnier will be travelling December 13-17, 2009. The cost of the Mayor’s trip is estimated to be approximately $13,000

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