Thursday, December 10, 2009

16 Avenue North Urban Corridor: Wide Open

Another major piece of road work is almost complete, and The City of Calgary would like to thank citizens for their patience and support to help the revitalization of the 16th Avenue North Corridor.

“A thank you goes out to the surrounding communities and businesses who helped with stakeholder engagement when this project was just getting started and for their continued patience during construction,” said Mac Logan, Director of Transportation Infrastructure.
“With 16 Avenue roadway improvements effectively complete, we look forward to the continued revitalization and renewal of this urban corridor and to celebrating the completion of this project along the corridor in 2010 with all Calgarians.”

The project, which began in 2002 integrates urban design and land use to improve pedestrian and vehicle transportation. Along with key stakeholders, a City led team developed a new concept for revitalizing the area. Extensive stakeholder engagement on items such as traffic management measures, design concepts and streetscaping took place throughout 2004 and 2005.

In 2006, construction started when the concept plan, along with an Area Development Plan, was approved by City Council.

The majority of construction is now finished along the 16 Avenue North Urban Corridor and six lanes of traffic are wide open. The benefits of the revitalization of this area include:
  • More pedestrian friendly corridor with improved lighting, pedestrian friendlier crossings, wider sidewalks and enhanced streetscape
  • Improved mobility for motorists through increased capacity, balanced access points and synchronized signalization
  • High quality business access
  • Reduced shortcutting through neighbouring communities through installation of traffic management measures.
Construction to be completed in 2010 includes the remaining landscaping, sidewalks upgrades and installation of new traffic signals at 16 Avenue and 5 Street N.E. as part of a new access to business at that location.

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