Thursday, December 10, 2009

Calgary smartest, most cultured and most active in Canada

This is from May, but it it reafirms what we discussed in a previous post here about a leading urban thinker touting Calgary as one of the world's 'smart' cities.

Calgary is doing quite well on the Smart-'O'-Metre, according to Macleans.

You can compare Calgary's education, activity levels and appreciation for the arts with other Canadian municipalities here.

If you'd prefer to know the score right now:

Most Cultured: Calgary #1

"Calgary, the city that caused an uproar in the rest of Canada when it topped our list of Most Cultured Cities last year, comes out on top again."

Most Active: Calgary #1

"More than half of all households in Calgary, Ottawa-Gatineau, Victoria and Saskatoon spent money on sports and recreation during 2006, according to the latest report by the Canadian Council on Learning. The Ottawa-based organization measures lifelong learning opportunities in communities, and leisure pursuits are integral to cultural engagement"

Smartest: Calgary #1

"Cities with the most opportunities for lifelong learning topped this list from the Canadian Council on Learning—and won their residents safer neighbourhoods, better health, and even higher wages. "

Now, if we could just do something about that weather.

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