Friday, October 29, 2010

City improves access to Council information.

***Update Nov. 1, 2010

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In an effort to increase efficiency and reduce The City of Calgary’s environmental footprint, The City Clerk’s Office has been hosting electronic copies of Council agendas and minutes on since 2009. That system has evolved into the Electronic Legislative Management Solution (ELMS) found at This is a new system for maintaining and delivering Council agendas and minutes.

“It’s important that the public has easy access to legislative documentation and that they’re able to get the information they’re looking for and use it to better involve themselves in the legislative process here at The City of Calgary,” says Gregory Pastirik, Strategic Legislative Analyst with the City Clerk’s office.

The new system allows easier access to current legislative documents, better public search for legislative history, a reduction in printing hardcopies and the long-term benefits of an electronic system.

Those long-term benefits could include future integration of on-demand video of legislative meetings linked to specific agenda items. This will allow people to find a specific Council decision and then watch the debate that occurred regarding that decision.

Legislative documents produced after October 31, 2010 will be available on the site. Access to legacy data, that is, information posted before November 1, 2010, is available through a link on that same page.

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