Thursday, July 7, 2011

CTrain station ticket vending machines accept credit cards, debit cards coming soon

Calgary Transit customers now have more fare options at CTrain stations.

In time for Stampede, CTrain station ticket vending machines have been equipped to accept credit cards and to provide change for customers.

The machines are also being retrofitted to accept debit cards which will be launched over the coming weeks.

“This is all about making it easier for our customers,” said Doug Morgan, Calgary Transit’s Manager of Service Design. “Using a credit card to purchase a fare is now another option for customers and those purchasing a ticket at the CTrain station will receive change if they don’t have exact fare.”

The improvements are part of Calgary Transit’s new wide range of technology initiatives on the transit system. Electronic fare cards (smart cards) will be introduced in June 2012 as well as real-time advanced passenger information systems on CTrains next month and on the bus fleet in 2013.

“Our focus is to enhance the customer experience,” Morgan said. “All of these improvements will make it easier for customers to use the transit system.”

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