Monday, July 11, 2011

New online tool makes it easier to search City’s Land Use Bylaw

Today The City of Calgary launched a new interactive, searchable version of the Land Use Bylaw that will make searching easier for people looking for land use rules and information. As The City continues to enhance its online services, accessibility and ease of use will keep improving over time.

“Reducing the challenges for our customers was the primary reason for this tool," says Nelson Medeiros, Lead Planner on the Land Use Bylaw Team. “This tool will allow City staff to shift their focus from helping customers find information to assisting in interpreting the Bylaw.”

Other user-friendly capabilities have been added to the new tool including: An index to navigate to a chosen topic in the bylaw based on keyword; links for cross-references to various sections of the bylaw in order to easily find specific information; and links for defined terms and defined uses that will bring up the relevant definition in a small pop-up window.

Some common items that customers reference in the bylaw include: fence regulations, building a garage or shed, building an addition to a residence, decks, home-based businesses, and secondary suites.

The original Land Use Bylaw document will still be available in a PDF format should customers prefer that version. The new tool can be found at:

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