Thursday, November 24, 2011

Peace Bridge being placed across the Bow River

The Peace Bridge has begun to cross the Bow River moving to its final alignment.

This milestone marks one of the final pieces of work.

Using hydraulics, Graham Construction is slowly pushing the Peace Bridge across the temporary bridge structure along a rail system. Once across the river, the 850 metric tonne bridge will be moved sideways and lowered into its permanent location. The permanent location for the bridge is east, or downriver, of the temporary bridge.

This undertaking is gradual and the public will be able to see the bridge slowly inch across the river and into place over the next several days.

Once the bridge is in place, work will continue on items such as the installing precast pedestrian deck and cast-in-place cyclist deck, handrails and the final lighting and security system as well as finalizing connections into the pathway system.

The 130 metre single span bridge extends from the north to south side of the Bow River just west of Prince’s Island Park. The absence of piers significantly reduces the environmental impact on the river. The bridge has a 6.2 metre-wide pathway, which is double the width of other pedestrian bridges in the area, and provides a clear separation between pedestrians and bicycle/wheel traffic for safety.

To learn more about the Peace Bridge or to stay tuned for updates please visit or call 3-1-1.

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