Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspection of a federally approved medical marijuana grow operation finds numerous safety code infractions

Yesterday The City of Calgary – Building Regulations executed a warrant for Safety Codes Officers to enter and inspect a Health Canada licensed medical marijuana grow operation. The inspection, conducted by the Building Regulations – Safety Response Unit (SRU) with support of the Calgary Police Service, concluded that the owners were in violation of numerous safety infractions.

“An inspection of this nature is the first of its kind for Building Regulations,” says Wayne Brown, Coordinator for the Coordinated Safety Response Team (CSRT). “To find this number of safety infractions in a federally approved medical grow operation is very disturbing,” he adds. Multiple safety infractions were found in the federally licensed grow operation including: building code infractions, compromised air intake, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer and potential contamination of drinking water.

The Safety Response Unit, a member of the Coordinated Safety Response Team (CSRT), regularly attends illegal marijuana grow operations which have been dismantled by Calgary Police. They ensure these sites have fences and placards installed, and the site is secured until the property is remediated.   It is the owner’s responsibility to comply with all City permits including an Environmental Restoration Permit.

“Evidence of this situation poses a serious safety risk to the community,” adds Brown.  “Operators of licensed Health Canada marijuana grow operations need to take public safety seriously and should ensure that they are in compliance with all applicable bylaws and safety codes that are required in the City of Calgary.”

Building Regulations, as part of the Safety Response Unit, is following routine processes and will be issuing a provincial order under Section 546 of the Municipal Government Act ordering the remediation or demolition of the residence. Fences and placards have been installed, and the site remains secured until the remediation is completed.

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