Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Introducing Tom Thivener, The City's new Cycling Coordinator

This week the City of Calgary welcomed its first-ever Cycling Coordinator, Tom Thivener.

Relying on his extensive experience in the city of Tucson, Arizona, Tom’s going to be leading the implementation of The City’s Cycling Strategy.

“I’ve learned that with good planning, well-designed infrastructure, and active encouragement and educational programs, a city can make cycling a legitimate mode of transportation in a short amount of time,” says Tom.

Calgary City News caught up with Tom for a video Question and Answer on City cycling infrastructure, barriers to cycling in Calgary, challenges he’ll face in his job, and - of course - how the city’s variable weather will play a role in the Cycling Strategy’s uptake.

Through a combination of planning, designing and installing bikeways; operating and maintaining existing bikeways; and offering education and promotion around cycling in Calgary, The City’s Cycling Strategy aims to make Calgary a bicycle-friendly city.

Learn more about the Cycling Strategy on Calgary.ca

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