Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pedestrians/Cyclists crossing Bow River bridges up more than 40 per cent

Calgary’s busiest pedestrian and cycling area is seeing more users than ever before. The City’s most recent weekday count shows a 42 per cent increase in the number of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Bow River in the downtown core on or between the Louise Riley Bridge (10th Street NW) and Prince’s Island Bridge compared to 2011—a difference of 5,470 trips per day.

The data's based on a set of traffic counts The City conducts in May each year to determine the amount of traffic accessing the downtown core.

“It’s very encouraging to see such a dramatic increase in the number of Calgarians taking advantage of the great transportation facilities in the area,” says Don Mulligan, Director of Transportation Planning.

The Prince’s Island Bridge led the pack with about 7,500 users, followed closely by the Peace Bridge with about 6,100 users.

During peak commute hours, the Peace Bridge had an average of one person every eight seconds. The number of users was even higher over the lunch hour, with an average of one person every four seconds. Since its opening in March, the number of people using the Peace Bridge has increased by about 40 per cent.

Usage of the 9A Street Lower Level Bridge, west of the Peace Bridge, remained consistent compared to the previous year, with about 3,700 users per day.

“Walking and cycling are the most sustainable travel options,” says Mulligan. “By making walking and cycling more appealing for more people, we can help reduce the number of vehicles on the road and lessen that demand on our transportation system.

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