Wednesday, September 12, 2012

City athletic park optimistic about new irrigation system

*Irrigation system replacement at Optimist Park made possible by the Community Investment Fund

Installation of a new $1.2 million dollar irrigation system at Optimist Park is underway, replacing  the existing 25-year old system which was more than five years past its lifecycle expectancy.

“City of Calgary playing fields are considered the best playing fields in the city and we work hard to maintain this reputation,” said Robb Powell, Facility Operations Coordinator with City of Calgary Recreation. “

Since the original irrigation was installed, new materials and technologies have become more efficient and environmentally-friendly. A soil sensor has been added to the system that measures the moistness of the field soil. Once the set soil moistness is achieved the irrigation system will automatically turn off, this is ideal for water conservation .

It is important to maintain healthy, strong turf that supports heavy traffic by practicing sound turn management including irrigation and aeration. The newly installed irrigation system will service Optimist Park for the next 40 to 50 years.

“Healthy strong turf reduces injury potential, provides a balanced playing surface and allows athletes to develop their talents and skills,” said Powell, adding that Optimist Park is used by field hockey, baseball and soccer teams and that Recreation supports the maintenance of high quality sport surfaces to encourage citizen participation in sports.

The new irrigation system is made possible by the Community Investment Fund, which supports initiatives like new libraries and recreation facilities to create and support vibrant neighbourhoods across Calgary. Investing in communities is an integral part of what makes a great city.

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