Sunday, June 30, 2013

Calgary Parking Authority gives back

There are many unsung heroes of the Calgary 2013 flood. One group that has flown under the radar while doing so much to help the community is the Calgary Parking Authority.

When the flood waters started rising, the Calgary Parking Authority stopped parking enforcement so their staff could assist the Calgary Police with traffic control during the evacuations. They spent hours out in the rain to keep people off unsafe roads and help keep traffic flowing.

And it didn’t end there. After the flood waters receded, the Calgary Parking Authority worked closely with The City’s road crews to provide free towing for vehicles that were caught in the water and had to be cleared off the street. That means owners of vehicles caught in the flood will not have to pay impound or storage fees when they pick their cars up from the lot.

Now that Calgary is getting back on our feet, the parking authority is giving 100 per cent of the revenue collected from on-street parking and daily parking lots to the flood relief until the state of emergency is lifted. Citizens whose homes have been affected by the flood can also get free permits to park in restricted parking areas, making getting around the city or parking where they need to just a little bit easier.

The little gestures like these from The City’s partner agencies have made such a difference in helping us all get through this difficult time.