Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eye-in-the sky on flood recovery

Officials got some out-of-this-world help to assess the extent of the flooding in Calgary. A new camera has been installed on the International Space Station to help countries around the world address environmental issues and disasters. The floods in southern Alberta were the first time that this camera was used to help with disaster recovery.
The pictures show just how extensive the flooding was in the core of our city.

It is quite a coincidence that Canada is the first country to benefit from this new technology since the cameras were installed by Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield in January. When the photos were released publically, Hadfield also sent along his warm wishes.

“Floods are an unbridled misery,” “he said. “My heart goes out to my fellow Canadians affected by the disaster.”

Thanks to all the hard work of so many and all Calgarians who have been out volunteering, we are well on our way to bouncing back from the flood that even caught the attention of NASA.