Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alberta River app provides info and alerts on river flow rates and water levels

The new Alberta Rivers app provides advisories and information about Alberta’s lakes and rivers directly from the Alberta River Forecasting Centre.

Alberta River App Content

- Map of the province, broken into the major river basins
- Flood specific advisories that are in effect
- Notification to users when advisories are issued
- Comments issued by Alberta’s River Forecast Centre
- All current surface water data for Alberta
- Data on current rainfall, stream flows and snow

Also available are the Alberta Emergency Alert app, which complements the Alberta Rivers app with information about actions you need to take to protect yourself and your family when disaster strikes, and the Alberta Wildfire app, which provides updates on wildfire conditions and hazards across Alberta.

All apps are currently available for Android phones. Visit the Government of Alberta's mobile app website in June for iOS versions.

For Calgary specific news and alerts, download the City of Calgary News app for iOS, Android or BlackBerry. Also, check our our full list of City of Calgary apps.

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