Friday, May 2, 2014

Census tablets save 50,000 sheets of paper per year

For the second year in a row census takers have been using digital tablets to collect census information, saving The City almost 50,000 sheets of paper every year.

“The census collection last year was successful and completed faster than in previous years. Thanks to the fact that the census taker also became the point of data entry,” said Paul Denys, Leader of Election and Census.

Selecting the appropriate equipment to use and developing the census app to ensure it captures the necessary information were some of the challenges with moving to the digital world. But the efficiency and savings from the digital collection meant that the decision was made to continue using this medium.

This year's census takers are still out knocking on doors and collecting data on their digital tablets. All census takers will have City identification badges and ask for a few minutes of your time. Answering their questions will help The City better plan programs and services that meet your needs.

If you’re not home, your census taker will leave a phone number where they can be reached to arrange the completion of your census. All information you provide is secure.

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