Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Clean-up rolls on despite snow

The weather outside might be a little less spring-like than we hope for in May, but our City crews continue to work through the Spring Clean-up schedule despite the recent wintery blast. Snow has been falling off and on since Friday evening, and our road surface temperatures have remained fairly warm, causing the snow to melt on impact. This means that the snow doesn't have time to accumulate, which allows our sweepers to stay on track and keep on cleaning our roads.

It’s understandable that we could all use a reprieve from the gloomy skies, but for Spring Clean-up, additional precipitation can aide crews in keeping dust down along roadways. This week kicks off the third week of the Spring Clean-up program, and City forces have been able to move through approximately 20 per cent of the Spring Clean-up schedule, removing approximately 8000 tonnes of material so far. In a typical season, crews will pick up around 50,000 tonnes of material and debris, however, due to the exceptional winter Calgary has seen, City crews expect to clean up close to double that amount of material this year.

Despite the rain and snow we received over the past few days, our stand-by Snow and Ice Control crews kept applying additional material on the roadway to a minimum. You may have seen a few of our City sanders spreading a light amount of salt on the major roadways and bus routes, no gravel mixture (or “pickle”) was needed due to the warmer road and air temperatures.

It might not look like spring out there right now, but to our crews cleaning the streets, spring has sprung!  Don’t forget to check the schedule to see when crews are headed for your community, and remember to move your blue and black carts on to the sidewalk or grass boulevard next to the curb when your street is scheduled. For more information and answers to your frequently asked questions on this year’s Spring Clean-up schedule, visit

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  1. Unfortunately our city needs more cleaning then just at spring time. For example here is Toronto's schedule

    Street cleaning frequency after the initial spring clean-up:
    •Arterial Roads: twice a month
    •Collectors Roads: once a month
    •Local Roads: once every 2 months
    •City crews clean laneways once a year