Tuesday, June 24, 2014

@CityofCalgary reaches 100,000 Twitter followers

Earlier this week, the City of Calgary Twitter account crossed 100,000 followers. Calgary continues to have the most Twitter followers of any Canadian municipality, and that’s only because of you!

“When we started a Twitter account for The City more than five years ago, we knew it had good potential. But we had no idea that it would become this big and important for communicating with Calgarians. During the 2013 flood Twitter became our key channel to deliver on Mayor Nenshi’s promise ‘when we know, Calgarians will know’”, said Jacob George, Manager of Corporate Marketing and Communications at the City of Calgary.

Twitter is very useful, even when we are not responding to a crisis. We use Twitter to inform Calgarians of many programs and services that The City of Calgary provides. Twitter is also useful for Calgarians to tell us what they think about our services and make suggestions for improvement.

George notes, "There are so many different ways to connect with Calgarians, and it is our job to utilize the channels that will have the greatest reach to their full potential."

Our integrated communication approach includes communications, marketing, social media, media relations and 311 support. Being inclusive and accessible is core to our communication efforts and something we are constantly mindful of when reaching out to Calgarians.

"Twitter alone would not be an effective strategy," said George. "In fact, any tool alone is no longer effective. People want their news personalized, so they only receive the information that matters the most to them via the channels that are most convenient for them – and this is different for each person. This is what we aim to deliver; and Twitter has been one of our more successful social media channels - not just in Calgary, but also setting an example of best practices across the nation."

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