Monday, June 9, 2014

Flood preparation in the urban core

Business owners, building owners, condo and apartment dwellers were all hit hard in last year's flood. Deputy Chief Tom Sampson explains what they can do to be prepared for potential flooding.

Everyone should have an emergency plan. Make sure you have contact information for key individuals and organizations like employees, suppliers, tenants and property managers. And make sure it’s available somewhere other than the premises that might flood.

Building owners might consider whether temporary barriers could be effective, keeping in mind that they will only address overland flooding and not seepage that may happen from underground water. Businesses should plan in advance what they will do if they’re displaced.

Condo owners and apartment renters, should, like everyone else, have a 72 hour emergency kit ready to go in case their buildings are evacuated. Condo owners should know what plans their condo board has in place. If a property management firm manages your building, find out what they are doing to prepare.

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