Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Proposed Amendments to the Municipal Government Act Review Submitted to the Government of Alberta

The City of Calgary’s formal submission of its proposed amendments to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) is now with the Government of Alberta for consideration.

The MGA is the most important piece of legislation for municipalities because it outlines how every municipality in Alberta operates, how municipal councils function, how municipalities serve citizens, and how citizens work with their municipalities. The MGA has not had a formal review since it was enacted in 1994.

The review has focused on the three main areas of the MGA including:
• Governance and Administration
• Planning and Development
• Assessment and Taxation

The City’s proposed amendments reflect changes that will enable Calgary and other Alberta municipalities to improve their operational efficiency and service to citizens, while meeting their mandate of providing good government, necessary and desirable services and facilities, and developing and maintaining safe and viable communities.

While The City hopes the proposed amendments to the MGA will ensure modern and effective legislation is in place for municipalities for years to come, they cannot necessarily address all of the challenges that are specific to a city of Calgary’s size. It is for this reason that The City looks forward to resuming discussions with the Government of Alberta on tailoring a City Charter that will be unique for each of its two largest cities – Calgary and Edmonton. A Charter for each of these municipalities would offer them broader flexibility and authority in areas of their own governance.

“We are encouraging the Government of Alberta to consider our recommendations, and to resume discussions on the Charters as soon as possible,” says Mayor Nenshi. “The Calgary Charter will forge a new relationship between The City and the province and will enhance our ability to meet the needs of the citizens we serve.”

Visit the MGA Review website for more information on the Municipal Government Act and its review process.

To see the proposed amendments to the MGA submitted by The City of Calgary, please visit:

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