Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Towers, cables and deck panels are up at Sandy Beach and Rideau Park Bridge!

Sandy Beach deck panels in place and the large crane used to do the job. Photo courtesy The City of Calgary; photographer Wes Raymond.
Work is progressing quickly on the project to replace the three pedestrian bridges on the Elbow River damaged in the flood of 2013. The progress is most evident at Sandy Beach and Rideau Park Bridge where the towers are now up, cables have been strung and a giant crane has installed the deck panels. Crews are currently working on Riverdale Avenue Bridge with deck panel installation starting Tues., Sept. 30.

See tower and deck panel installation
Several online time lapse sequences of bridge piling, tower and deck panel installation bring the work that has been done to life. Visit to view the time lapse sequences plus photos of construction progress and updated construction schedules.

“Although it looks like the bridges are done when the bridge decks are in place, there is still a lot of work to do before the bridges can be safely open for use,” says Project Manager Charmaine Buhler. “We need to fine tune the alignment of the deck panels, fabricate and install bridge railings, construct concrete back walls and approach slabs, and reconstruct the pathways that lead to the bridge.  There is also landscaping and general finishing work to be done.”

Buhler adds, “Everyone also needs to remember that the areas around all three bridges are construction zones and will remain so until the construction is done. However, the project is still on track to have all of the bridges open and ready for use by the end of December.”

Sifton Boulevard closure
Installing the deck panels at Riverdale Avenue Bridge requires the closure of Sifton Boulevard between 7 and 8 Streets S.W. The large crane used to install the deck panels must sit in the middle of the road. The closure will last from Sept. 29 until approximately Oct. 4.

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  1. Awesome time lapse of the construction process, thanks for sharing.