Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anderson Station TOD redevelopment project takes its next steps

The City has recently submitted an Outline Plan and Land Use Application to redevelop the Anderson Station land site.

The land area consists of 20 acres, currently making up Anderson LRT station, bus terminal and park and ride. Future plans for the space include roads, parks, building specifications, and other desired land uses in the Anderson Station area.

Following several public engagement events and working in consultation with various City departments, the goal of this proposed plan is to establish a model transit and pedestrian-oriented destination in south Calgary where people can live, work, shop, learn and play.

The final vision is guided by a number of design principles, namely to:

  • Maximize connectivity to and through the site to minimize traffic conflicts and increase transit access;
  • Balance height and scale of development between residential areas to the west with commercial areas to the east;
  • Build walkable streets that encourage multi-modal access, safety, and access to buildings;
  • Pursue a blend of uses that keep the site active throughout the day and week, and serve the surrounding neighbourhoods;
  • Create memorable public and green spaces;
  • Provide for flexible development blocks that respond to change in market conditions;
  • Design for year-round use and livability;
  • Connect to and expand the regional pathway network; and
  • Orient higher buildings towards MacLeod Trail to create an urban boulevard.

View the latest project summary and proposed concept images of the redeveloped area.

Following this submission and a review of any recommended changes, a final application will be presented at Calgary Planning Commission in early 2015.

For more information on the Anderson TOD development and the wider station area plan please visit Anderson Station TOD policies and plans and

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