Friday, October 30, 2015

Collaborating to create new transportation options

We strive to create an environment that fosters Calgary’s entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in creating opportunities for new ideas to thrive and for new companies to flourish. We also take our responsibility to keep Calgarians safe very seriously. 

When it comes to private for-hire vehicles like Uber, we appreciate the innovation they are striving to bring to the Calgary market, but also believe that bringing these ideas to market needs to be done in a safe and organized way.

The City is working very hard to define the rules for private for-hire transportation companies to operate in our city. Currently, drivers who are operating private for-hire vehicles in Calgary are operating illegally. These services are illegal because there are no safety or security guidelines in place for consumers. Also, unlicensed drivers do not have appropriate commercial insurance coverage as required by the Province of Alberta

City Council to review options to allow private for-hire companies on Nov. 16

We are collaborating with Uber to resolve some of these challenges and to allow private for-hire companies to operate legally in Calgary. While we aren’t there yet, we are making progress. On November 16, we will be presenting options to Council, which may allow for this new market in Calgary.

The City of Calgary enforces the Livery Transport Bylaw to ensure public safety, service quality and consumer protection. To learn more about private for-hire vehicles. To learn more about Livery Transport Services.

Submitted by Carissa Vescio, Animal & Bylaw Services


  1. Its time for the Nenshi and his pawns to come to the realization that the current taxi situation hasn't worked for years. Many drivers have little knowledge of the City and I almost always have to explain where to go. Or face a long roundabout trip that becomes a cash cow for the driver. The monopoly that Nenshi and his fellow drivers have in the industry is long overdue for some fresh ideas and entrepreneurs like Uber. It has proven it works in other cities and it is no doubt on its way to changing Calgary's landscape. It's time to realize the future and get on board or get left behind.

  2. Comment on Uber - See more at:

    Regarding Uber "These services are illegal because there are no safety or security guidelines in place for consumers."

    The safety or security in this case is assure by Uber. How about car pooling? I pay for car pooling service as well which is private and heavily encouraged by the City. The City has double standards in this case and I am afraid that they don't play fair when they said Uber is not safe for customers, maybe for the drivers. Anyway everyone is aware that Uber will put some pressure on taxi services in term of price and the quality of the service. If someone lives in South the cost of a back/forth taxi ride to airport is way more higher than to pay for one week to park there. This is ridiculous.

    Calgary should do better about Public Transit and lots of problem would be solved in this way. Just try to commute anywhere within the city except downtown and you will see.

  3. I have used Uber a lot in other cities. I think it is time for the City to butt out of this and stop wasting time on it. Uber is awesome, cheaper, better service, no tip, amazing app, professional drivers, better vehicles and choices. Uber has been challenged in most major North American city and will prevail. I have stopped using taxi's as they are hard to get at when you need one, having a couple of pints at night. I use keys please but it can get expensive and the wait time can be long at times.

    The city is looking for "New Transportation Options"? It is called Uber and it is right in front of you. We in Alberta are entrepreneurs and Uber comes along at a time when jobs are being lost. Sounds like a win win creating new jobs and helping families in desperate need of work.

    I agree that Calgary needs to do a better job with Public Transit by that is 10 years away...Nenshi has no vision and needs to go! I encourage Calgarians to try Uber and you will be sold.