Tuesday, November 10, 2015

City proposes options regarding transportation network companies

The Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee (TLAC) today reviewed options that address transportation choices for Calgarians and recommended a path forward to create a regulatory environment for companies like Uber.

What happened today?

City Council had directed Administration to develop options allowing Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber to safely operate in Calgary.

Today, Administration provided TLAC with a number of options to help inform Council in its decision-making process. TLAC unanimously recommended Council proceed with a hybrid Open/Controlled entry system (option three) that would regulate safety for both taxis and private for-hire vehicles and would allow some flexibility in rate setting.

This option means that TNCs like Uber could operate if they meet a number of conditions, including having proper insurance on the vehicle, the driver having a driver's licence acceptable to the Province (for example, a class 4 licence) and passing a rigorous criminal background check.

These requirements are similar to those in many other jurisdictions where TNCs operate successfully.

Citizen safety and customer service are top priorities for The City. We want to ensure private for-hire vehicles that operate as part of a TNC are operating safely.

What happens next?

City Council will discuss these options including the recommended one on Monday, November 16. At that time, Council may make a recommendation to prepare a new bylaw to come back to Council in December.

Does that mean I can drive for Uber or be a passenger now?

Not yet.

The City continues to advise there are risks to drivers, passengers and the general public associated with private for-hire vehicle services. These risks relate to the level of vehicle inspections on private for-hire vehicles and the level of training and security checks the drivers undergo. The Government of Alberta has also issued an advisory notice on ride sharing services and the insurance risk they currently pose to Albertans, noting any third party involved in an accident in or with one of these vehicles may not have adequate or appropriate insurance.

How is The City enforcing the bylaw now?

The City has applied for a court injunction against people who have been driving for Uber. The City is taking this step to help ensure public safety and continue to inform people about risks involved in private for-hire vehicle services.

The City of Calgary enforces the Livery Transport Bylaw to ensure public safety, service quality and consumer protection. Learn more about livery transport services.

Private-for-hire vehicles to operate in Calgary


  1. Uber and taxi can go together because no one survive ,uber owner will get benefited only ,,,,costumer think that uber is cheap,,,but it made same on high demand ,,,,people could not understand,,,,, full time taxi driver will be suffred , would not survive or support themself

  2. Why Uber Is above the Alberta Traffic Safety Act? 
    Why Uber is above the City Taxi Public Safety Bylaws?
    Why Uber does't charge mandatory 5% GST on the fares, which Taxi drivers must have to collect regardless of their personal income? 
    Why Uber driver's don't want get Alberta Commercial driver license Class 4, 2 or 1? 
    Why Uber drivers don't get extensive EPS Background Check to work with vulnerable people? 
    Why Uber drivers don't complete mandatory Defensive Driving Course? 
    Taxi drivers need clean 3 years driver's abstract, they can't drive with more than 7 demerit points with about Uber? 
    Taxis must have public & driver safety features, Vehicle based GPS, emergency secret panic button for help, emergency trunk release, safety shields, high resolution video cameras, what about Uber? 
    Why taxi drivers pay 20 times more for commercial insurance than Uber drivers?