Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The City’s Seven Day Snow Plan Keeps Calgarians On The Move

The City of Calgary is ready to keep Calgarians safely on the move this winter with our Seven Day Snow Event Plan.

This planned approach has been designed to quickly prepare and maintain the roads throughout the winter season so Calgarians can get to where they need to go safely and efficiently.

Preparing the Roads
Even before it snows, Roads crews will be busy preparing the roadway. When snow is predicted, we put anti-icing material down, focusing on bridges and trouble spots. This environmentally-friendly compound helps prevent ice and snow from building up on the roads during a snowfall.

Priority System
Once the snow hits, we sand, salt and plow the roads based on a priority system, with the busiest roads deemed the top priority.

Day 1
We start on the high volume roads, called Priority 1s, in order to keep the greatest number of Calgarians travelling safely. Priority 1 roads, such as Crowchild and Glenmore Trail, carry more than 20,000 vehicles per day, and are cleared within 24 hours after the snow stops falling.

Day 2
Up next are the Priority 2 roads which are plowed, sanded and salted within 48 hours after the snow has stopped. Priority 2 routes are the feeder roads that run in and out of communities, and typically carry 5,000 to 19,999 vehicles per day. Many of these are Transit bus routes.

Days 3-6
On day three, we move into the residential areas. Residential roads with school and playground zones, hills and intersections are considered a Priority 3, while the remaining residential roads that have the lowest traffic volumes are considered to be a Priority 4.

City crews maintain residential roads on days three through six by sanding, salting and flat-blading. Under our plan, plows will knock down ruts to 12cms, but will not remove snow from residential streets.

Day 7
On the last day of the Seven Day Plan, crews will monitor the roads and respond to service requests for additional snow and ice control and get ready to do it all over again.

For more information on The City’s Snow Plan and to find out when crews will be in your area, visit calgary.ca/snow.

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