Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Help shape the South Shaganappi Study on November 19

Shaganappi Trail has always been identified as a vital link in Calgary’s transportation network. We are starting a transportation corridor study to explore the future design for the south end of Shaganappi Trail.

The study area includes the Shaganappi Trail and 16 Avenue interchange, the Shaganappi Trail and Bowness Road intersection and the Bowness Road and the 16 Avenue interchange.

Join us on November 19, 2015 at an open house to learn more about the study. Your input will help us understand the issues and challenges of the area. Thus, it will help shape the development of preliminary concepts and the evaluation framework for Phase 2: Concept Development and Analysis in 2016.

Open House Details
Thursday, November 19, 2015
5 - 8 p.m.
Parkdale Community Association
3512 5 Avenue N.W.

Can’t make it to the open house? Visit calgary.ca/southshaganappi to provide your input online starting November 19.

About the study:

This system was built in the late 1960s and is remnants of a freeway plan that was never fully completed. It was originally classified as an expressway and designed as a connector route across the river to Sarcee – Bow Trail. What was planned then is no longer appropriate today.

In 2009, Council approved the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP). It reclassified Shaganappi Trail to an arterial street. In addition, the CTP confirmed that the Bow River crossing recommendation would be removed. This means that Shaganappi Trail will no longer function as a north to south connector across the river.

In addition, in order to maintain the system and keep it operational, it will need rehabilitation within the next 20 years.These changes require us to revisit how Shaganappi Trail was designed in the south end.

Over the next two years, we will be working with citizens to determine the best way of addressing these challenges and ensure the design of the study area meets the future needs of the community and the future transportation needs as the city grows.

For more information go to calgary.ca/southshaganappi or contact the project team at southshaganappi@calgary.ca. You can also sign up for email updates to get the latest news.


  1. The City is offside with this one by taking the river crossing off of the table, there is no quick way from the deep SW/SE to get to Foothills & ACH quickly without going the full length of Sarcee to 16th. There needs to be a way to get to these locations quickly and into the mid-northwest from these locations. It is one of the most disappointing road corridors that hasn't been built yet, the original concept should be retained for this to join up with Sarcee.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We value your input and encourage you to join us at one of the upcoming engagement events. If you can’t make the open house on November 19, an online opportunity will be available. For more information, go to calgary.ca/southshaganappi. Hope to see you there.

  2. Completely agree with above comment. Connecting this crucial link between Shaganappi N and Sarcee S would off load a ton of traffic from Crowchild Trail as well.

  3. Agree with City on this account. There is already an approved plan upstream of this southern part to reduce the traffic. so it must be consistent to reduce the traffic here also. Edworthy part should be kept the way it is.

  4. Please don't waste the opportunity ... Finish the crossing ... this is a critical N/S link. Derating Shaganappi both further burdens Crowchild and ensuring traffic must go through Montgomery to get to Sarcee and Parkdale/West Hillhurst to get to Crowchild. Sarcee (S) and Shaganappi (N) are highly underutilized corridors that access large employment centers.

    There are many ways to mitigate disturbance in a new crossing including incrementally launched bridges (no rivers piers) and a tunnel under the dog run at the top of the hill. With apologies to the Edworthy users ( of which I am one ), the central area of the park is highly disturbed and unnatural with picnic areas, parking lots, playgrounds, pathways, utilities and the rail line. This can all stay afterwards and continue to support the parts of Edworthy that should be protected.

    Connecting Sarcee to Shaganappi will provide the only road west of Deerfoot that would connect the north side of the Ring Road with the South allowing an alternate to Crowchild. This corridor will:
    - PROVIDE a crossing on the west side of the city not affected by flooding comparable to 2013 (remember, the only road open on the west side across the river was Stoney). This is disaster risk management
    - PROVIDE better connectiveness for the west side of the city to the Children’s Hospital and the Foothills hospital (the major trauma center for the west side )
    - PROVIDE a corridor for a west side BRT ( future LRT ) allowing those working and taking transit in the large employment centers on the west side to bypass downtown
    - REDUCE the scale of changes required to Crowchild reducing overall cost and disturbance
    - PREVENTS further E/W disconnection in West Hillhurst with a bigger Crowchild
    - MORE EFFECTIVE use of the proposed HOV lanes on Shaganappi
    - BENEFIT from two-way rush hours instead of one-way rush hours further improving the utility of the road.
    - REDUCES shortcutting through Montgomery and Bowness for those going from Sarcee to Shaganappi. Can this allow delay further upgrades to 16th through Montgomery?
    - RESOLVES the bottleneck at Bow & Sarcee. This project can incorporate the interchange at Bow & Sarcee which should have been done many years ago.

    Sacrificing large areas of West Hillhurst to a Crowchild freeway, elminating cross-connectivity while spending ridiculous amounts of money in the name of protecting a playground and dogrun seems a waste of taxpayer resources.