Thursday, November 26, 2015

Online application process for subsidy programs now available

You can now apply online for City-subsidized programs from any computer, any time. The online Fair Entry application process makes it easier for low income Calgarians to access City services in a way that is respectful of time and dignity.

Fair Entry, launched in May, provides one window access to five City-subsidized programs for low-income Calgarians. It streamlines the process by reducing the need for repeated applications by citizens.

Overcoming obstacles

“Over 35,000 individuals have been approved since Fair Entry was launched six months ago,” says Cynthia Busche-heibert, manager community programs and services with Community & Neighbourhood Services. “People who may have previously faced obstacles to applying, like work schedules or childcare, are now able to overcome those challenges.”

See how the new application process has made a difference in one man’s life:

We anticipate providing subsidized services to roughly 75,000 Calgarians per year through Fair Entry and the convenience of the online process is going to make that easier and more efficient for Calgarians and The City

Apply online or find out more information on Fair Entry.

Submitted by Peter Jacoby, Community & Neighbourhood Services

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